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What we are........


RIvertown Consignments is a  go-to for new and resale items dealing in "upscale resale " of antiques, home decor, furnishings, gifts and collectibles. 

Whether you're looking for a piece to complete a space or want to  offload a room full of furniture before a big move, we can be your primary resource to make this a reality. 


What we consign..........

Our store specializes in both vintage and new trending decor from furniture, accessories to art, gifts and collectibles. You can find a diverse array of items in our showroom ranging  from stores like West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Home Goods, Bombay Company and Williams Sonoma.  

As far as selling goes, you won't be able to dump junk here nor will you find it here, but if you  have great vintage or trending furnishings from popular stores  that you're tired of, give us a go.  And when you're searching for a one-of-a-kind piece, there are gems to be had here for sure.  There  is more new than there is lightly used  only to enhance more of what we can offer to our clients.


What we represent.........

Everything at Rivertown Consignments is curated by a discerning eye, so there's a definite point of view to our inventory. There is more new inventory in our showroom as there is lightly used or consigned pieces. Our product line includes new furniture and accessory pieces as well as close out items, estate sale and antique auction pieces. Our goal is to offer you a wide variety of  beautiful options to aid you in re-purposing your life one room at a time.  


Elevating the Talents and Skills of your neighbors!

Featured Artists, Artisans and Vendor Talent


In an effort to elevate and feature each of our vendors’ unique talents and product lines, Rivertown Consignments will feature each one of our vendors’ talents, work and skill on our website. This is our contractual commitment to each and every one of our vendors to market, promote and visually expose their talents that may not otherwise be known to the general public. 

Each month you will be able to read one of our featured artisan vendor profiles and connect to their talents and the products they represent. It is our effort to communicate the privilege of our association with them and allow you to connect a personality to a talent and a face. You will learn quickly the hidden talents of the region 

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As you discover the talents of our business artisans and vendors please reach out to learn more about them and the unique products they may be willing to connect you with.

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Rivertown Consignments Point of View

Rivertown Consignments is  where high-end and vintage tastes meet at the crossroads. Upscale Resale is what we represent!

Our Consignment Shop with "boutique flair" is located at 935 Roanoke Avenue Roanoke Rapids NC and may be the perfect solution for clients with limited budgets but unfulfilled  desires for high-end home furnishings, home decor, antiques and collectibles. 

Our goal is to offer a wide range of furnishings, home decor and accessories as we deliver both new and gently used designer styles in a high end  atmosphere in Roanoke Rapids NC. 

Here you will find reasonably priced, new and formerly out of reach  furniture and accessory items to help create the home space you’ve always  dreamed of, but didn’t think you could afford. From antiques to  contemporary, at our furniture exchange we’ve got it all. And with a  constant influx of merchandise, we’re never the same place twice.  Exchange your formal antiques and update to contemporary furniture for a  whole new look. Or, just spruce up with a new piece. Drop by, you’ll be  amazed! 

Customer Testamonials


5.0  Star Rating

5 out of 5

Based on the opinion of 10 people

January 12 at 10:50 AM · 

Awesome place to shop definitely worth the trip stopped in before Christmas and had a hard time deciding because I wanted everything left with beautiful items for my family and they were all wrapped beautifully owners are very friendly and very knowledgeable about their items beautifully decorated.


October 2, 2018 · 

Awesome place. I want everything they have! The proprietor is helpful and knowledgeable. Many thumbs up.

October 25, 2018 · 

Great people and wonderful choices!


November 23, 2018 · 

Such beautiful displays and merchandise. You will fall in love all over again !!!!!!!!!


November 20, 2018 · 

Beautiful shop with really nice pieces!


December 8, 2018 · 

If you are a Christmas Lover like have to come check Rivertown Consignment!!! Take a trip down memory lane!! 

Nothing bad about the experience. This is a wonderful store for anyone and everyone looking for home decor that is worth owning . -BH-

This is an awesome place to shop! 

The shop is neat, clean and well presented. I had fun just looking around, but bought 7 or 8 items. Very friendly and helpful, too.  -SM-

Very nice quality of items and shopping was a pleasure to be able to browse .    -CS-

This store is absolutely amazing and the owners are so wonderful and attentive. We are so honored to have a business of this caliber in the community. I am addicted already!!!!  -BW-

Monthly Calendar of Events

We will publish monthly events Rivertown Consignments will be hosting. Events to be included: DIY Workshops, Local Artists and Artisans with Trunk Shows featuring unique vendor items both from our area and abroad .......and much, much more!

FAQs and Feedback

1. Do you offer vendor space to rent for potential vendors?

Answer:  Yes, we offer approximately 10 vendor spaces of various sizes for rent on a monthly basis. Contact us for details and availability.

2. What type of vendors are you interested in renting to?

Answer: Our goal is to offer a diverse  variety of upscale home furnishings and accessories but, we are also extremely interested in featuring local artists and artisans from the region who complement our current inventory and store aesthetic. Jewelers, artists, basket weavers, potters, florists, handmade greeting card makers  and furniture makers are more than welcome to apply.

3. Are there specific items that you decline on consigning?

Answer: Yes. We make every effort to study the market and gain knowledge on what is currently trending and in demand. We extend first right of refusal on items we feel are not currently in demand in the marketplace and do not offer a potential for re-sale. Also, we do not accept items housed in smoking or pet environments. We retain the right to decline items for consignment based on current inventory levels, your asking price, consignment condition.

4. How do I prepare my items for consignment?

Answer: As you choose items to consign, ask yourself, "Would I buy it in its current condition or “Is this item currently trending and in demand?" If not, take a minute to dust, polish, clean or vacuum your item. Attention to details will make the difference in how well an item looks and sells. Remember the key to a profitable sale is quality control and presentation!

5. When can I bring items to Rivertown Consignments?

Answer: Smaller Items are accepted during normal Business Hours.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday - Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Or By Appointment Only

Also keep in mind that all consignment items need prior approval via email, photo text or hard copy pictures.

6. How long is the consignment period?

Answer: We maintain consignor contracts for 90 days. This results in a constant turnover of quality goods, promoting high repeat shopper traffic.

7. What happens if my items don't sell?

Answer: Prior to 90 days inform us when you wish to pick up your unsold items. After 90 days all merchandise will then be donated to charity.

8. Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Answer: Yes we do.....and of any denomination you request. Please note that Gift Certificates must be redeemed in its entirety within 90 days of purchase date.

9.  Why should I consign at your store? 

Answer: Let us do the marketing  and advertising for you! Say goodbye to garage sales and online auctions  that never seem to work. Let Rivertown Consignments online gallery, showroom and social media presence do the work for you. From our expertise in marketing, design and presentation, to our beautiful home-like 1,850 square foot showroom, we offer many benefits  to consignors and customers alike. 

10.  Do you deliver or pick-up furniture? 

Answer: Unfortunately due to insurance reasons, we cannot  pick up nor deliver furniture, however we will be happy to refer you to  a reliable moving company. 

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Better yet, come see us in person! Simply stop by our 1,850 sq. ft. showroom and browse!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours  to browse our unique and beautiful collection of furniture, home accessories, art and collectibles. 

Rivertown Consignments

935 Roanoke Avenue, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina 27870, United States


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